Flipping Over Flipped Professional Development?

First of all, blogging is hard for me. I love math, but I’ve never really considered myself a writer. So, I’ve had these thoughts of the Flipped Professional Development from 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been scared to blog. So…its out there…that’s my FEAR. Writing something that someone else finds, not so interesting or not so perfect. It is when I realized blogging is not about anyone else, blogging is about me, my thoughts, and what I want to remember in the future.

The Flipped Professional Development was regarding Data and Progress Monitoring. It was 30 minutes before the training started and I realized most of the laptops were…yes…had a dead battery I became a little worried. The interaction of the groups was going to allow for a Google Doc to be projected and the groups would share there answers to proposed questions. However, someone came to my rescue and shared with me there were power cords to all of these laptops. Yea!

At the end of the training I asked for participants to complete a Google survey. They did and I was very pleased with the results. Most of them appreciated things like having the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and viewing the training material ahead of time was appreciated. They all believed their time was well spent. Did I think it was perfect? No. Did I think the format was perfect? Absolutely! Was it functional, exciting and did learning happen? Absolutely!

There are a few things I will do different next time, which has already been planned. One being, incorporating more videos into the PD is my goal for the future.

Have you Flipped your Professional Development? I would love to hear what worked well for you.


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