Mobile Office

One of my favorite aspects of my job is being around the kids.  Often times I find myself in and out of classrooms without interacting with kids as much as I would like.  As I spend time and reflect on my goal for the remainder of the year it is important that I spend as much time in classrooms as possible.  

There are parts of my job that would allow me to work in the classroom rather than at my desk.  Last year, I approached my principal about the possibility of  a cart so I could have a mobile desk.  Someone on Twitter posted about a mobile office and it seemed logical.  There was somewhat of a vision of what I wanted but I could clearly define ‘why’ a mobile desk.  I still don’t have a mobile cart, but I still think about it and see people on Twitter with a mobile office. The mobile cart just didn’t seem like what I needed.  This weekend it came to me…..a backpack.  Yes, that is all I need.  Load my backpack and walk into classes.  Can I provide meaningful feedback to a teacher outside of a walk through simply by being present in their class?   Will teachers be open and willing to allow me to simply take up space and do some of my ‘work’ in their classroom?   How will this change the interaction I have with students?    



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