It’s Dancin’ Time

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It’s time to Dance!!

Did you have perfect attendance for the Six Weeks?  If so and you attend our school, you are invited to an AttenDANCE.  This is actually more about my son that about the dance itself.  Here is a picture of my son dancing last week at the dance.  He is a bundle of energy and keeps us on our toes.  Although, he does give me some challenges from time to time, I am savoring every last minute that he is on the same campus as me.   I see him dancing and I want to keep him at this innocent elementary age.  This will be the last year he will be in elementary and then off he goes to middle school.  He will have a few years of freedom before he joins dad at high school…the life of an educators child!


First Year as an Administrator

It’s hard to believe a year has come and almost gone.  This year has provided me an opportunity to learn and grow.   It has been a year of many first and I couldn’t be more thankful to learn from one of the greatest principals.  My favorite part of my job has been building relationships, with students and with families.  There is more  so much more for me to learn, but as a Learner I look forward to this process.

Love & Hate Relationship with Digital

When I think about all the digital tools in my life, I often wonder how people managed before Evernote and Google Drive.  Somehow in the midst of all the digital things I love, still I find myself needing a pen and paper.  It’s this LOVE & HATE relationship I have in finding the best way to keep notes.

This is my first year as an administrator and I will admit I’ve already tried a few note taking systems, which include Google Drive, Composition Notebooks, ipad, Spirals, and notebook paper.  Here is my newest creation, which includes all the things I need in one place.  The notes that I need to keep I will scan and save them to Google Drive.  If you are a paperless person close your eyes and don’t worry about the picture.


Thanks to Shannon Long‘s website with free printables is where I found my notebook cover.  I have 4 sections in the notebook:  Student Notes, Staff Notes, Meeting Notes, To Do Notes.

What kind of note keeping system works for you?

#OneWord 2014

As I stated in my previous post my New Years Resolution was setting #oneword to focus on this year.  So far what have I done intentionally:

  1. Took the Facebook app off of my phone (not Twitter).  I need to focus more time on other things than Facebook.  I will use it on my computer, but intentionally making a point to do other things.
  2. Worked out every day…I know it’s only 6 days, but it still counts. 

Running & School Leadership

School leadership and running, or 1/2 Marathon, are generally not used in the same sentence.   

Brother & Sister

This summer I decided to run the BCS 1/2 Marathon.  I ran a 1/2 marathon a few years ago (before I turned 40) and then after that race I didn’t run for about 8 months.  Someone reading this who is an avid might think that 13.1 miles is no big deal, but for me this was huge.  Not only was it a commitment, but I had a fear of running the race and then not pick up my running shoes for another 8 months.  I had a fear that I might not be able to make it 13.1 miles.

This race had a purpose for me.  I had asked my brother in July if he’d run the 1/2 with me.  He’s an avid athlete and decided that he’d run the full marathon instead.  We both joined Team Mercy Project to raise money for Mercy Project, (take a moment and read about this project) as we prepared for the race.

As I finished the race these were the faces on poster about the last 300 yards of the run.  These faces filled me with emotion….this is what we were raising money for.  This is why I…..ran at 5am many mornings (thankfully with a good friend), endured sore legs, sweat,  and even shed few tears.

Doesn’t your school leadership have purpose?  Either as a teacher leader or campus leader?  What is it about leadership that fills you with emotion?  What is it that you do which pushes you beyond what you ever dreamed was possible?  What do you fear?  What pushes you to be  your best?

Mercy Project

There are similar faces that bring emotion to my face on a daily basis at school.

What will you do this year to push yourself to limits you didn’t think was possible?

 What faces will you see that bring emotion to you?  

Who needs music when you have EduAllStarsHQ?

 33 days left until Race Day!  Who needs music when you have EduAllStarsHQ?

Are there times I don’t want to run…absolutely!  At one point in my life I would say that I’m not a runner.  Recently, I’ve begun to say I like to run.  It’s a time that I’m able to reflect, think, and sometimes even wonder why I like to run.   At least once a week I listen to the @EduAllStarsHQ podcast while I’m running.  A few weeks ago it was a special treat to listen to @Principal_EL, just can’t say enough about him, I admire him and hopefully have the opportunity to meet someday.   Today I listened to the podcast from @arneduncan and couldn’t help but think how amazing it is to run and listen to the US Secretary of Education as @TechNinjaTood, @iamkessler, and @TechNinjaStacey hosted the podcast.  Not sure how else I would get this experience without technology.

I had the opportunity to meet @TechNinjaTodd and @TechNinjaStacey at TCEA13.   While listening to the podcast today I couldn’t help but think how amazing they are to follow a vision.  Look at what the three of you are doing.  Todd, Stacey, and Chris you are what kept me running today.  Thanks for being a leader in education!

Your podcast have:   challenged me as an educator, inspired me to grow, and keep me running.  








What’s the story?

Every child that walks in our doors has a story.   Be intentionally kind, caring, and compassionate…be ready for their story!

There are times when I look at students in the cafeteria, in the halls, in classrooms, loading the bus, or at recess and I wonder what is their story.  As we build relationships with our students it is at that point that we begin to learn their story.

This weekend I had the opportunity to take my family to see a few students Pop Warner Football game.  This helped me not only connect with the student, but it also gave me an opportunity to connect with a parent who I had not had the opportunity to meet yet.  One student at a time….one story at a time.

What are some ways you learn your student’s story?


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